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Couples Empowerment Ministry (CEM) – Bethel Tabernacle Empowerment Center

Couples Empowerment Ministry (CEM)

The Vision of the Ministry


To promote and encourage an environment in each marriage that honors God, brings fulfillment to each partner and enhances the family bond.



  1. Short exhortation.
  2. Tabling the Vision, Objectives and Goals for discussion and finalizing.
  3. Plan activities for 2010.
  4. Inform executive of the National Couples planned end of the year activity.
  5. Any other business.





  1. To provide sound biblical doctrine on marriage.
  2. To teach couples to acknowledge God as the source of their fulfillment.
  3. Creating a greater understanding of the roles of the man and of the woman.
  4. To establish stronger family ties.
  5. To provide relevant information to parents on effective training and support of their children. (Request from SIM)
  6. To establish an environment that is sensitive to peoples’ needs and maintain confidently.
  7. To bring couples together.

The Goals of the Ministry

  1. To assist in the education and enrichment of Marriages.
  2. To teach couples how to minister to each other.
  3. To help rekindle romance and develop relational intimacy in marriage.
  4. To encourage proper management of conflicts and to equip couples with the skills to communicate effectively to resolve marital problems.
  5. To equip couples with proper parenting skills.
  6. To help couples resolve financial issues.
  7. To organize social events in an effort to foster relationships amongst Christian couples.
  8. To facilitate links between matured couples and newlyweds.
  9. To use the CEM as a tool for evangelism.
  10. To promote unity of couples amongst evangelical churches.




  1. Carry out a survey to establish the needs and interest of the couples in the assembly
  2. Conduct counseling lessons for the executive
  3. Build a hotline for Couples including a quarterly newsletter
  4. Fun raising activity – sponsored walk
  5. Monthly couples meeting – zones
  6. Family Week – family extravaganza
  7. Adopt a couple
  8. Support the National Couples activities
  9. Prayer meeting
  10. Monthly prayer meeting for couples – zones
  11. CEM executive member’s fellowship night

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