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God’s Heritage Ministry – Bethel Tabernacle Empowerment Center

God’s Heritage Ministry

God’s Heritage Ministry

Mission Statement

“To evangelize and disciple children through an exciting and Christ-centered program, with the overall purpose of teaching and encouraging each child to Christian maturity.”


Vision Statement 

“To see children’s lives transformed as they learn to love Christ, become like Him, participate in church and reach others for Him through a fun, interesting and bible-based ministry.”



  1. To plan programs with biblical lessons that will reach saved and unsaved children, in expansion of the church family.
  2. To instill biblical values and bible truths.
  3. To teach truths that is applicable to life.
  4.  To help develop a closer relationship with God through prayer and worship.
  5. To help develop peer interaction and recreational skills.
  6. To encourage children to witness to peers and families.
  7. To provide opportunities for leadership development through participation in the ministry.



“Every child is Valuable, Reachable & Teachable”