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AAA Team Ministry – Bethel Tabernacle Empowerment Center

AAA Team Ministry

The purpose of the Anointed Alter Attendants or triple “A” Ministry is to assist the Senior Pastor or whoever is ministering, in keeping order at the alter while the work of the Holy Spirit being manifested. With sensitivity, love, compassion, members of this ministry minister to the needs of those who are being touched by the laying on of hands or by anointing with oil. Lead by the Holy Spirit and listening to his prompting, ministry members help the smooth flow of his part of the service.


Maintain an orderly atmosphere where the Holy Spirit has free reign to move and operate as He wills in our midst to do deliverances, signs, wonders, and miracles.



Ministry members direct the flow of healing lines to ensure an orderly progress takes place. To maintain Christian modesty, ministry members place alter clothes over prostrate worshipers to cover exposed parts of their bodies. Male members of the ministry serve as “catchers” to gently lay down on the floor those who are being ministered to by the Holy Spirit in a special manner. Male team members also assist up from the floor those who are ready to return to their seats. Ministry members direct the flow of all of those leaving the altar area to keep proceedings decent and in order.

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